The appeals process for red light camera tickets is about to change.

Red light camera violators will have a little extra time to challenge their tickets - at a cost.

Because of a transportation bill that is currently waiting for Gov. Rick Scott's signature, the time period to challenge a ticket will increase to 60 days, starting July 1.

The legislation would allow governments to recover costs for holding the appeal, up to $250 on top of the $158 fine.

According to partner newspaper the Tampa Bay Times, the new law also would require cities and counties to create a full appeals process. Currently, the only way to appeal is to not pay the ticket - which causes the infraction to become a state issue. Then, the ticket can be appealed at the state level.

Currently, a red light ticket costs $158. Not paying it within 30 days will increase the fine by another $106.

Additional changes include giving drivers making a right on red a break. They still can get tickets if they fail to stop at all before making the turn, but not if they just don't stop before the line.