Hernando County voters will soon receive postcards in the mail as the election workers try to update their records.

State law requires the Supervisor of Elections office to conduct voter roll maintenance every two years.

More than 20,000 voters who did not vote in the last two federal general elections will receive a note to update their address with the office.

Another 4,500 voters will receive Address Confirmation Final Notices.

If they do not respond, the Supervisor's office will consider them inactive for two more general election cycles.

Eventually, workers will remove them from the voter rolls unless the resident votes, requests a mail ballot or contacts the office.

The office says they update the rolls daily to eliminate duplicate records, remove ineligible voters, remove deceased residents, change addresses.

In the last six months, workers have removed almost 1,000 voters from the list.

The SOE processes approximately 25 voters from other counties each day.

For additional information, contact the office at http://www.hernandovotes.com/ or 352-754-4125.