The Pasco County Supervisor of Elections office is asking residents to send updated addresses to them by September.

Voters who have reported an address change to the United States Postal Service (USPS) will receive a postcard in the mail asking for verification of their current residence address.

"In this way, we can insure that voters will receive the voter information cards, sample ballots, and other important information that will impact their voting experience on election day," said Supervisor Brian Corley.

Florida Statutes 98.065 says election offices must update their voter address list biennially.

It also lists the criteria used to decide a voter’s registration status.

Requests for address changes must be accompanied by a signature which will be compared to what is on file with the elections' office. 

The law does not allow the office to accept post cards returned by family members or the current residents of homes where voters once resided.

For more information contact the elections office at 1-800-851-8754 or visit