A Pinellas County non-profit organization that started with very little has made some major renovations.

The Basketball Warehouse in Largo helps students build skills on and off the court. Recently, the public has donated money to give the warehouse hardwood floors, new goals and scoreboards.

"I was really shy when I came here and now I have a lot more confidence," said student Emily Stevens.

Emily Stevens is just one of the many Pinellas County students getting help from the non-profit.

“It started off small with a few kids in the neighborhood," said co-founder and director Daryl Blume. "Then kids around the county came in and it really started taking off.”

When Daryl Blume and coach Allen Williams started the program back in 2011, they only had concrete floors and a few freestanding hoops.

"We felt like everyone deserves to get better," said co-founder and coach Allen Williams. "So why have it just for our kids? Why not open the door for all the kids in the Pinellas County area."

The students who use the center say they’re glad to see the change.

“I walked in last week and I was like oh my gosh it's so much of a difference,” said student Monique McAbee.

“It’s a lot nicer and it's better than it was before,” said student Madison Vaughn.

“It’s amazing what they’ve done here it’s awesome,” said student Devin Gross.

The program runs mostly off donations.