Six families living inside a West Bradenton apartment home say the building is a health and safety hazard.

Recently, Code Enforcement put a note on the building listing over a dozen violations.

The six families who live in the apartment home at 1122 15th Street West in Bradenton say the building is unlivable.

Patrick Gray has lived in the building for five months and already things are falling apart.

Gray said the staircase outside of his apartment has wood planks that are uneven and not nailed down. And he said inside there is mold everywhere. Patrick fears for the safety of his three young daughters.

“I don’t want the mold to mess in their chest or their breathing or anything like that,” he said.

Lekisha Lewis lives in the apartment next door. She has safety concerns about the exposed electrical wiring right outside her door.

“Those over there are broken. The kids can probably just come here and rip it or tear it,” Lewis said.

Inside Lekisha can’t wash her dishes. In her kitchen sink she has no running water.

“I have no running water. And down here, I have to keep a pot because the water leaks,” she said.

India Williams’ sink does not work either and she said it’s always filled with pests.

“Mostly the flies produce a bunch of maggots and it smells really bad, it smells like sewer. And the smell never goes away,” she said.

All three say they have told their landlord about the issues. However, they say nothing been done.

“He says he will fix it but he never comes and fixes it,” said Lekisha.

The landlord might have more incentive now. Code enforcement put a notice on the building. It lists 13 violations from mold to improperly installed AC units and damaged staircases.

Bay News 9 spoke with the landlord who admitted he was aware of many of the problems but has fixed them. The landlord added that he was shocked by the letter and will be calling code enforcement Tuesday to find out why his building was written up.

He blames the damage on the residents, saying they are constantly removing window screens, putting grease and flower down the sinks and leaving garbage all over the property.

If the problems are not fixed within the next 60 days, the landlord will be fined $250 a day.