The Citrus County Sheriff's Office has released the 911 recordings in a deadly case of road-rage that happened Thursday night.

The calls reveal how the road-rage incident began. 

"He's driving a KIA Soul, driving like an idiot," said Candelario Gonzalez's wife to the 911 operator.

From inside the KIA there's this 911 caller.

"Some maniac is following me trying to run me off the road and [expletive], my guns already out, it's cocked and locked," said 51-year-old Robert Doyle.  

Both men are with their wives on the phone with 911 dispatchers.

"We're going on home, we're going home, I guess we're not," said Gonzalez's wife on the recording.

She was trying to get him to go home but couldn't change his mind.

"They're following me to my house, I'll be there in 20 seconds the guns are already out," said Doyle to the operator.

Then seconds later you hear Doyle's wife yell, "don't shoot I've got 911 on the phone."

After that, five pops of what sounds like gunfire.

"Once he shot Mr. Gonzalez, he then approached the truck and ordered at gun point for his wife and two children to get out of the vehicle," said Captain Dave DeCarlo.

Captain DeCarlo with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office says Doyle told them he was afraid for his wife's safety. But the captain says the 911 call doesn't really support that.

"Between the evidence that was found on scene, couple that with the 911 calls, we felt comfortable that Mr. Doyle was the primary aggressor."

Gonzalez has been arrested in Citrus County for reckless driving in the past.

Investigators say Doyle does have some out of state arrests but nothing bad enough to keep him from owning a gun.

Detectives say based on the evidence this is not a stand your ground case. Doyle faces a second-degree murder charge and three aggravated assault without intent to kill charges. He is being held without bond.