When there's food, there's baby Avery.

"We could feed him and then I can fix him a plate and he'll want something off my plate," said Allen Denson.

It's an appetite you might expect from a baby who weighed 14 pounds when he was born last year.

Avery was the largest baby ever to come out of St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa. Even now, a year later, there's still talk about it online.

"I thought it would be talked about and forgotten, but people are still posting on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, it's still out there," Denson said.

Maybe it's all the playing or simply the crawling around, but Avery's not the biggest baby around anymore.

He's 22 pounds, wearing the same size four diapers he wore when he was born.

Avery is considered just a little heavier than the average 1-year-old, and Friday is Avery's very first birthday.

"I can't believe he's going to be 1 soon," said mom Maxxandra Ford. "Time flies."

When he was born, Avery had some nerve damage to his right arm due to the natural delivery and his birth weight. The family said he's perfectly fine now.

"He's very joyful when he wants to be, and when he doesn't get his way he throws tantrums," Ford said, laughing.

And after having 14-pound Avery naturally last year, Ford said she is considering having another one.

"If God wants it to be 14, 15, 16 pounds that's fine, but we're going to have a C-section," Ford said.

As for now, Avery's parents are ready to celebrate his birthday. They'll have a party this weekend with family and friends.