A very special gift, for a very special person: The Wiregrass Ranch High School football team says Andrew Hayne, 18, is their biggest fan. 

  • Wiregrass Ranch football team gives special to special fan
  • Andrew Hayne received a helmet from his favorite team
  • Team calls Hayne 'our No. 1 fan'

Only a special gift is fit for their No. 1 fan — and it all happened thanks to quarterback Chris Faddoul and the rest of the football team.

Hayne, who is special needs, has been friends with Faddoul, or as Haynes likes to call him, "Fadoodle," since middle school. 

"When you come in and talk to the whole football team, what do you say?" Faddoul asked. "Good luck, play hard, get a goal," replied Hayne. 

Hayne is such a big football fan, Faddoul says he gives him his jersey to wear every Friday before the game. 

"He never had the chance to go out on the actual field and put on a actual helmet or pads or anything," Faddoul said. 

So Faddoul, along with his team, decided to get Hayne something for Christmas that would make him part of the Bulls: a helmet signed by each player. 

"Feels good, I feel tough," Hayne said. 

"Now it feels like he's one of us, like part of the team. Everyone knows him on the football team, everyone loves him," Faddoul said.