Zephyrhills police are investigating multiple gunshots being fired Tuesday morning at an officer's cruiser and home. 

  • Zephyrhills PD: 2 suspects fired gunshots into officer's cruiser and home
  • No injuries
  • Suspects being sought

There were no injuries. 

Officials said the officer, a supervisor in the department had recently returned home from work when he heard the gunshots. 

Police said two men walked onto the unnamed officer's property just before 4 a.m. and fired multiple rounds into the officer's police vehicle in the driveway. 

Then shots were fired directly into the officer's house. 

Authorities said the officer and his family, who were in the home, were not injured. Officials are not releasing the officer's name or address. 

"You think when you're in your home you'd be able to feel safe," said Zephyrhills Police Chief Derek Brewer. "We need to make sure he can rest his head and not have to worry about him and his family."

Brewer added that the suspects appeared to go through the cruiser but it was unclear if anything was stolen out of the vehicle. 

Police were not sure if the officer was targeted but cruisers and officers will remain outside of the home, Brewer added. 

In the meantime, officers will continue gathering evidence, talking to neighbors and searching for the suspects.