A Brooksville community is looking for a way to get their kids safely across the street to school.

Cheryl Sears lives across the street from Brooksville Elementary School on North Broad Street. It's where her granddaughter goes to school and a major source of anxiety twice a day.

"They're basically running for their lives to get across the street," she said of the children.

The area includes four lanes of fast moving traffic. Slowing the cars down is Sears' mission. She wants the state to install a crossing signal.

"At minimum I would like to see the flashing lights, slow speed zone so that the kids have a chance to get across the street without having to run," she said.

The school recommends students be dropped off in the car line, but with the school only about 1,000 feet from the Clover Leaf community, there are many who make the trek across the street.

"I walked it a couple times. And just standing there for five minutes to get across the street is crazy," said Sears.

Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson spoke with the Florida Department of Transportation's Kris Carson, who said the situation is more complex than it seems.

The principal is aware of two students who regularly walk to school from the neighborhood. Because there aren't more children crossing the road, a crosswalk isn't warranted and the state will only put a signal in where there is an existing crosswalk.

What that means to the children in Clover Leaf Farms is: no school zone and no slowing of the traffic on U.S. Highway 41.

"I walked it a couple times," Sears said. "And just standing there for five minutes to get across the street is crazy."

Assistant Principal Richard Inmon has requested no students walk across U.S. 41. Parents should drive them safely to the entrance on the back of the property, farthest away from the roadway.