Thousands of people are watching a rap music video, performed by a second grader at Bethune Academy in Haines City.

  • 2nd grader gets noticed for positive rap song 
  • Rapper is Kid Balla, known in school as Curtis Marshawn Bean Jr. 
  • Bean is student at  Bethune Academy in Haines City

The rapper is Kid Balla, known in school as Curtis Marshawn Bean Jr. His song spreads a positive message about what it takes to be successful.

“I go to school and get nothing but A's. I'm going be somebody. I'm going be somebody,” Kid Balla sings in the chorus.

The song goes on talking about him being respectful and a student before an athlete.

“I respect my elders. I love my mama. I do all she tell me. My teacher ask me ‘Curtis what you want to be?’ Whatever it be, my parents will be proud of me,” Kid Balla raps in the song.

The lyrics are touching to his Bethune Academy Math and Science teacher Cynthia Bouknight.

"We've talked about kindness and respect. So when I saw that video, it almost brought tears in my eyes because I know that's in him. And I'm very proud of him,” said Cynthia Bouknight.

She said he’s a joy to have in her class. The school honored him with the distinction of “Cadet of the Month” in November.

His father, rapper “Balla Bean,” also known as Curtis Bean Sr., said he had no idea the song would blow up like it did.

"It went way farther than what we thought it'd go. You know,” said Curtis Bean Sr.

In one week, the music video had more than 37,000 Facebook views. His father wrote the song. He said he's hard on his son.

“We talk about this all the time. If you’re not getting good grades in school, if you're not taking care of that right there, then all those moves which you know in football, all those touchdowns that you score, it’s not going to be worth nothing if you don't handle this right here. School. Put this first,” said Curtis Bean Sr.

He wants him to put his education first and avoid going down the wrong path.

"I was back and forth, coming from jail,” Bean Sr. recalled. “I can give it to you blood raw, you know what I'm saying. I didn't come up the best way.  But I am here. God blessed me to be here in my kid's life to show him another way."

He’s setting high expectations for his son and so far it's working. The little rapper said he enjoys school.

"I like doing a lot of work, so I can be smart,” Curtis Marshawn Bean said.

When grows up, he said he wants to be a professional football or basketball player, and if that doesn't work out, he wants to be a teacher.

Right now, he’s focusing on school and his next song. He said he also has a few more interviews lined up, and a few performances.