If you've been stuck in Palm Bay traffic in the past week, you may have noticed hats hung on signs near major intersections.

  • Palm Bay couple handmakes hats for homeless folks in Brevard
  • The Rebmans hung extras to raise awareness
  • Visit website for more info: homeless-hungry.org

It's all part of a local couple's effort to bring to light homelessness in southern Brevard County.

Thomas and Paula Rebman are spearheading the effort to spread awareness by first giving out more than a 100 handmade hats to homeless camps.

But they had extras and decided to hang them on signs to raise awareness and for anyone who needs one to stay warm.

“Most people who are homeless don't want to be on the street. And we put a lot of barriers that keep a lot of people from getting housing,” said Thomas Rebman with Homeless Hats.

Thomas hopes to one day open a homeless facility serving south Brevard.

For more information on the hats and more, visit their website at homeless-hungry.org.