A man shot and killed his nephew after an argument in Polk City on Saturday, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

  • Man fatally shoots nephew, injures niece
  • Deputies say the man then turned gun on himself
  • Shooting stemmed from argument during dinner

Deputies responded to 9511 Evans Road, near the Polk County Correctional Institution.

According to the sheriff's office, Rickie Stipe, 68, and Carolyn Stipe, from Kentucky, were visiting their nephew and niece, James, 65, and Kathleen Hanks, 59.

Carolyn told detectives that her husband was upset with James earlier in the day and then became upset with her when they went out to dinner. 

When they returned to their nephew's home, Rickie was still upset and grabbed Carolyn by the throat, before leaving in his vehicle. 

When he returned, deputies said James confronted his uncle about the incident and Rickie then said he was going to get a gun. 

Rickie exited the home with a gun and shot James twice, the report stated. Rickie also shot his niece Kathleen when she rushed to help her husband. 

Carolyn then said her husband looked at her with a blank stare, raised the gun up, and shot himself, according to the report. 

Authorities said Carolyn told them that Rickie had been diagnosed with schizophrenia over ten years ago, but refused to take medication.