It’s hard to separate President Donald Trump from his vast fortune.  It’s part of his identity has a celebrity and, of course, his identity as president.

And it’s a trait also shared with most members of his cabinet.  In fact, it’s one characteristic critics often point to when describing the cabinet’s makeup.

During a recent floor speech, Democratic minority leader Charles Schumer said, "In fact, if you add up the net wealth of his cabinet, it has more wealth than a third of the American people total -- close to 100 million people."

PolitiFact Florida heard the claim and gave it a MOSTLY TRUE rating on its Truth-O-Meter.

“Schumer is using a value at this net worth that is the 'how much money they have' and 'how many assets these people in Trump's cabinet have,' minus, their liabilities and the bills they have to pay and, things they owe and so forth,” PolitiFact writer Josh Gillin said.

For that reason, Senator Schumer’s claim received a MOSTLY TRUE rating on the PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter.

SOURCES:  Third of American population less wealthy than Trump cabinet