One of the tallest towers in Dubai was on fire during the overnight as hundreds watched on.

  • Firefighters were inside the building to fight the blaze
  • Torch Tower caught on fire in 2015; reason unknown

The fire started at the Torch Tower along the Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates in the early morning hours Friday.

Dozens of videos of the blaze were posted on Twitter and Instagram as firefighters worked to contain the flames.

Within three hours, around 3:30 a.m. Dubai time, the Dubai Media Office tweeted photos of the building showing the fire was put out.

The Media Office reports that the building was evacuated and there were no reports of injuries.

Firefighters fought the fire from inside the building and the crowd outside the building could see water shooting out of the affected units, which appeared to be in the middle of the 84-story building.

This is not the first time the Torch Tower has caught fire. Back in February of 2015, the building caught fire and the reason are still unknown.