Days after Hurricane Irma, several New Port Richey neighborhoods were put on voluntary evacuations as water levels of the nearby rivers started to rise.

Many residents have stayed home. Others have been put up in hotels as the county tries to close its last shelter.

  • County has placed 10 counties in hotels because of flood damage
  • Officials hope to close last shelters Monday
  • Residents displaced, but said they are glad to be somewhere safe

Madine Chaney, 77, has been in several shelters over the course of the past week.

"I started off in Wesley Chapel, they took me there on Saturday and then they brought us here," said Chaney. "I'm not sure what day, I get my days mixed up. I’ve been here a couple of days I think."

Chaney is unsure how her Hudson home has fared. "There's water right up to my house already, so there's already water there, I don't know anything that’s happened since," said Chaney.

Sheila Foster has also been at the Fasano Regional Hurricane Shelter for a week. The 72-year-old still doesn't have power.

"It's been upsetting, but we have met a lot of good people, people who took care of us here, went above and beyond their duties," said Foster.

Although these residents have been displaced for several days, they're just glad they were somewhere safe.

"People here are helping each other, and that’s great to see. You know our country being divided, and we're together," said Chaney. "That's what we are as Americans, we come together."

So far the county has placed 10 families in hotels because of flood damage.

The Fasano Regional Hurricane Shelter is open to oxygen dependent individuals who don't have power in their homes. They hope to close by Monday.