PINELLAS PARK, Fla. -- Every day, Mike Delancey is getting stronger.

  • Mike Delancey was wounded in Iraq, becoming paraplegic
  • He started the Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch to help other veterans
  • Delancey has made working out accessible at a park in Pinellas Park

In September 2006, Delancey was serving with the Marines in Iraq when he was shot by a sniper. He woke up more than one month later to discover he was a paraplegic and couldn't feeling anything below his chest.

“I’ve had a strong family and friend support base around me, that kind of got me out of the house," Delancey said.

As Delancey learned to adapt, he wanted to help other veterans on their road to recovery as well and opened the Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch.

“Them just getting the sunshine on their skin and making them feel good, and really integrated back into the community is key about anybody’s recovery," he said.

Delancey helped make working out entirely wheelchair accessible at a park located on 62nd Ave North in Pinellas Park. The park has a pavilion entirely of workout equipment for those in wheelchairs.

It's also paved and designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate. 

Delancey says everyone is invited to work out at the park, it's not just for those who were in the military.