Florida lawmakers are taking action against the state's opioid crisis. 

  • FL bill could shorten opioid prescription length
  • Bill would only allow three-day supply of painkillers
  • Doctors say limits would be too restrictive

Under a fast-moving bill, doctors would be barred from writing prescriptions for more than a three-day supply of painkillers for most patients. Certain medical conditions would qualify for a seven-day supply. 

However, the proposal is getting pushback from doctors. Some warn the limits would be too restrictive, especially for the 200-300 thousand Floridians who undergo knee and hip replacement surgeries every year. 

"When they go home, if they go home with a seven-day supply of pain medication and they have to come back to the clinic for a new prescription, it is almost infeasible for some of these people to get back to the clinic with a seven-day time frame," Brandon Luskin, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon. 

The complaints could play a role in slowing down the bill. Lawmakers have nearly two months to work out a compromise.