The Flagler County Sheriff's Office is investigating a woman's death in Palm Coast Thursday morning, while her husband is being booked into Flagler County Jail.

  • Palm Coast woman found dead by husband, deputies say
  • First responders said it appeared Faith Cummings was dead for hours
  • Husband Michael Cummings charged with obstruction of justice

From crime scene tape to law enforcement vehicles lining Point Pleasant drive, investigators worked for hours to find out what led to 44-year-old Faith Cummings' death inside her home.

Deputies responded to Point Pleasant Drive, where a woman in her 40s was allegedly found dead by her husband, Michael Cummings, who called 911 just before 8 a.m. According to a news release, Cummings said Faith possibly fell after taking a shower.

The man said he had been doing CPR and that he didn't believe she was breathing. But when first responders arrived at the home, they said it appeared the woman had been dead for some hours.

During the investigation, Cummings was asked several times to leave the residence but refused. He was charged with a misdemeanor for obstruction of justice and was later book into Flagler County Detention facility Thursday evening.

Cummings was interviewed by deputies while investigators searched for evidence.

"The male has been cooperative in giving us his version of what occurred and we're trying to determine if that's an accurate version," said Sheriff Rick Staly.

Neighbors like Joe Sousa woke up to this scene.

"It’s a surprise. Everybody is shocked about it," said Joe Sousa, neighbor.

The couple had reportedly only been renting this home for about six months

"They are a nice couple though, very quiet," Sousa added.

According to deputies, they have been to the house twice, once for found property and the other for barking dogs.

While the sheriff said there were no weapons found at the scene, he said they had enough reason to do some extra digging.

"It's sad that somebody lost their life, but we need to do everything to determine what really occurred here," said Sheriff Staly.

Faith's autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning.