Chamberlain High School assistant principal Jazrick Haggins is an unexpected success as an educator.

  • Chamberlain High assistant principal once labeled with a learning disability
  • Jazrick Haggins's 3rd grade teacher feld he had poor reading skills
  • Haggins started to apply himself in middle, high school
  • Haggins now has a doctorate in educational leadership

He was hit with a learning disability label at Highland City Elementary in Polk County when he was in third grade. His teacher felt he had poor reading skills.

Haggins said he just didn’t like his reading assignments and would skip going to remedial reading classes.

“And instead of going to the class where she sent me I would walk around campus for about 30 minutes till it was time to go back,” he said. 

Haggins under performed in school for a number of years, but his parents both kept after him to work harder, particularly his mom Estella Reeves. 

“She was very good about calling the school and having those parent teacher conferences," Haggins said.

Haggins said he really started to apply himself in middle and high school and never believed he had a learning disability. He believes he was just bored by school.

Now at Chamberlain High School, he is the assistant principal for curriculum. He wants to ensure all kids, especially those labeled with learning disabilities, succeed. 

"Absolutely,” he said. “And that’s why I am in education. Because it’s very important for educators to understand the learning processes of students.”

Haggins recently graduated from Florida Southern College with a doctorate in educational leadership.

“It was a proud moment. That is one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had,” he said.

Haggins’ mother Estella Reeves never bought into the idea her son had a learning disability that would keep him from succeeding.

“I knew he could. I knew it. And I am so proud of him. And I just give thanks to God. I give all the glory and honor to God,” she said.