It's time for this week's Traffic Inbox and this week the question is:  How fast is too fast in a residential community?

  • Residents concerned about speed limit on Hilliard Isle Road
  • Osceola County plans to conduct traffic study
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That's what one viewer from Kissimmee is asking.

This week, Marian Jacklich asked us:

“Hilliard Isle Road in Kissimmee has areas where the speed limit is posted at 40 miles per hour.  Isn't that too high for a residential area?”

Jacklich has lived in the area for more than a decade and has seen plenty of change in her neighborhood.

 “It’s changed from being semi-suburban rural—as how it was classified when I moved here—to being a lot more of a suburban type of rural,” Jacklich said.

One thing hasn’t changed though, and it has residents concerned.

“Unfortunately, for some reason there is a 40 mile per hour speed limit still in this area,” she said.

Jacklich says that her community wants that speed limit lowered.

“We would like this changed so that we don’t have to be as concerned about all of the kids in the area,” she said.  “There is a school bus that comes here to stop to drop off the kids from school.”

Hilliard Isle Road is maintained by Osceola County and that speed limit of 40 mph was approved back in 1988.  In 2007, the first 600 feet of the road was redesigned and relocated to a new connection point and the speed limit on that stretch was reduced to 30 mph.

So at this point, only the first 600 feet of Hilliard Isle Road is 30 mph and the rest is 40.

So what’s next?  The county has confirmed that it will perform a traffic study of the area soon to see if lowering the speed limit is warranted.

As for Jacklich, she would prefer to see some action sooner rather than later.

 “There’s always the likelihood that someone is going to hit these roads too fast or at night and yes get into a serious accident,” she said.

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