In this week's Traffic Inbox, we take a look at a specific interchange in the growing area of Winter Garden where people are frustrated by the growing traffic in one area and seemingly no end in sight to it.

  • Resident says State Road 429 was not always congested
  • Winter Garden officials says they are conducting traffic study

The area in question is essentially at the Winter Garden and Ocoee border at State Road 429. In fact, Jason McAfee, who lives in downtown Winter Garden, wrote in to us this week.

"It's a complete nightmare driving in this area in the morning and afternoon, sitting through five or six lights from so much traffic. Are there any plans to expand the roads to make them bigger and less stressful?"

Residents in the Winter Garden area claim they are seeing a disturbing trend on Plant Street and especially during peak times.

"With all the new development and all the new homes going in and trucking facilities, the traffic it's going to create on this one lane road on Plant Street. That's my main concern," explained McAfee.

McAfee has lived in Winter Garden for the past six years and says that when he first moved here, traffic congestion did not exist.

"What used to take five to ten minutes, takes a half hour, 45 minutes now," said McAfee.

The main issue here is where Plant Street approaching State Road 429 turns into one lane in each direction as you approach the interchange. What makes matters worse is the large influx of trucks now in the community that has risen in the last few years that has made traffic hard to handle at times.

"I've seen many accidents, because people get frustrated. The semis pull out, they block all lanes of traffic to get over and it creates nightmares. You get a lot of road rage," he described

I contacted the City of Winter Garden and they told me that as we speak, they are conducted a traffic study of the area.

The intent is to widen the road, make more turn lanes and eliminate certain lights entirely at certain intersections.

Eventually, the cities of Winter Garden and Ocoee want Plant and Franklin streets as it's labeled on the other side of State Road 429 to act as a connector road between the two sister cities and for State Road 429 to act as the area's front door.

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