There is certainly a lot of ongoing construction in Altamonte Springs near the intersection of State Road 436 and Interstate 4.

  • Residents say the road needed improvements for a longtime now
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One resident is concerned about the roadwork that is right outside his apartment complex.

Ruben Rivera wrote to us this week about some construction off Northlake Boulevard that didn't look too serious at first and looked to be a short job. Well, he says that was well over a year ago.

"There are uneven parts in the road and the entrance to my complex is a complete mess. There are dips in the road that I believe are damaging vehicles. Please help me and the residents affected by this nightmare that has taken way too long and become an unbearable eyesore."

When we ventured out to Altamonte Springs, this much is certain about Northlake Boulevard, it's a road under construction. The entire road.

It's also a road in dire need of it as several areas of the road are still uneven and harboring giant dips, cracks and potholes.

I talked to one resident who lives in the Tiffany Oaks apartment complex who told me he moved in back in August and the road has looked exactly the same ever since.

As it turns out, Ruben's question couldn't be any timelier.

The City of Altamonte Springs said last week that they will start work on improving the Northlake Boulevard corridor over the weekend and work should be done by the end of the month.

Not only will the road be repaved, but a new 8-foot sidewalk will be built from the southern end of the road all the way to State Road 436.

There will also be new lighting added to the area, along with a realignment of State Road 436 and Cranes Roost Boulevard intersection, which should provide an enhanced connection for cyclists and pedestrians to that Cranes Roost area.

Thanks for your submission Ruben.

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