TAMPA, Fla. — Attorney Lysa Clifton, who until recently represented the man accused in the controversial Clearwater parking lot shooting, has been arrested on DUI charges. 

Clifton, 31, was arrested by Tampa police after striking curbs on Bayshore Boulevard Sunday night. 

Officers said Clifton was driving on Bayshore when she drifted out of her lane, struck a curb, went across the roadway and struck the other curb. 

Police said she appeared to be under the influence but refused to give a breath sample. 

She was arrested and released early Monday after posting bond. 

Clifton was among the lawyers representing Michael Drejka, the man accused of shooting and killing Markeis McGlockton in July. The case was initially labeled a stand your ground case. 

Drejka was later charged with manslaughter. 

In October, Clifton was removed from the case after Drejka filed an affidavit asking for her removal. 

In his affidavit, Drejka accused Clifton of soliciting him to become her client while he was in jail. He said he had never spoken to Clifton or anyone on her behalf before the unsolicited meeting at the jail.