The moon has been putting on a show this week! Even if you didn’t see it in person, you likely heard about Wednesday's Super Blue Blood moon. It was bigger and brighter, it was the second full moon in the month, and it was a lunar eclipse!

Many of you shared your pictures with us and we brought you live video from NASA as it was happening Wednesday morning.

After all the attention paid to the Jan. 31 Super Blue Blood Moon, February won't be quite as exciting. In fact, February 2018 will not have a full moon at all. The last time this happened was in February 1999.

The time between one full moon and the next is just over 29 days. So February is the only month that can miss a full moon because it's the shortest month of the year, just 28 days long unless it's a leap year.

While February won't have a full moon this year, we have two blue moons this year. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month (it does not mean the moon will look blue). January 31 was the first blue moon this year. The second blue moon will be on March 31.

So this month is rare. The next time there will be a month with no full moon won't happen again until February 2037.