Beaches battered by recent hurricanes are getting some help. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to replenish beaches that lost sand due to hurricanes Matthew and Irma.

  • Major hurricanes washed away sand at Brevard beaches
  • Local leaders say sand helps protect homes, buildings from future storms

The Army Corps hired Great Lakes Dredge and Docks to originally replace the sand lost from Hurricane Matthew. That contract is worth $17.5 million.

However, after Hurricane Irma, more sand was lost, so that dollar figure will go up.

Some locals are concerned that is a waste of taxpayer money, since erosion occurs naturally and they say this sand will be lost again in the next storm.

Yet, local county and tourism leaders say the sand re-enforces the barrier island and protects homes and buildings from future storms.

More than 1 million cubic yards of sand will be used. That is enough sand to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

A boat dredges the sand from Canaveral Shoals, a spot about three miles off shore. The sand is then pumped through a pipe to the shoreline.

Work up and down the Space Coast will take place through the end of March.