High temperatures were in record territory again today as most highs made it to the upper 80s.

  • A few more days of record warmth
  • Breezy at times
  • Very low rain chance

Tampa hit 89 this afternoon. This breaks the record high temperature for the date of 87 last set in 1997. It is also the highest temperature ever recorded in February. The old record was 88 set yesterday and on Feb. 26, 1971. 

This is also the warmest winter temperatures (Dec, Jan, Feb) ever recorded. Sarasota/Bradenton hit 90 this afternoon. This shatters the old record high for today of 85 last set in 1997.

This was the pattern we predicted last week when we saw all the ingredients coming together.

We’ll have a mild Wednesday morning with temperatures in the 60s. Skies will go from mostly clear to partly cloudy with some areas of patchy fog. The fog will burn off quickly after sunrise leading to another day of abundant sunshine.

There is a really strong cold front coming across the country with drastic temperature changes across a very short distance. Temperatures dropped 30 degrees today in Oklahoma City with snow, while just 200 miles away it was in the low 70s in Dallas.

So while we’re seeing record warmth, there is record cold on the other side of that front.

We’ll be near record highs again Wednesday afternoon as most areas reach the mid to upper 80s. Skies will go between partly cloudy and mostly sunny.

Wednesday night will be mostly clear with lows in the 60s to low 70s.

Thursday will still be warm, but likely one degree lower than the past couple days. That will be the beginning of a slightly less warm pattern headed into the weekend as temperatures start to back off their peak.

Friday will be another degree or two lower with highs around the mid-80s under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies.

This weekend will still be warm, but not as warm, with highs dropping a few degrees into the low 80s. That will be due to the fact that we’ll have a wind shift and the sea breeze will be stronger coming in from the west.

That will allow for a cooling effect each afternoon.

Record Highs this week:


Tue 2/20    87    1997
Wed 2/21   85    1975
Thu 2/22    85    1975
Fri 2/23      87    1949
Sat 2/24     85    2001  


Tues 2/20      90     1998             
Wed 2/21       89    1989             
Thu 2/22        87    1997               
Fri  2/23         87    2013               
Sat 2/24         88    1962                


Tue 2/20        85   1997
Wed 2/21       87   1997
Thu 2/22        87   1990
Fri 2/23          86   1962
Sat 2/24         87   2001



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