There are sounds in the world that bring hope whenever you hear them.

For some, it's the drum beat welcoming soldiers home. For others, it's the roar of a motorcycle engine.

It's the latter sound that accompanies this week's Everyday Hero.

At the Pepin Distributing Company in Tampa, the warehouse is loaded with thousands and thousands of cans of beer. But when Everyday Hero reporter Bill Murphy met Rick Ramsey there, the conversation wasn't about cans but compassion.

Fifteen years ago, Ramsey began an organization called Bud Run, a children's charity fund. And every year since, he and about half a dozen other volunteers have seen to it that ill or in-crisis children and their families are cared for.

So far, that's been to the tune of $250,000 over the years.

"Keep a roof over your head, keep a vehicle to drive so that you can get the child to and from the doctor," he said in describing the organization. "The doctor bills are going to add up. Don’t worry about them, so to speak. Keep yourselves healthy and happy and keep that child as healthy and happy as possible."

This year's Bud Run is set for May 20.

Money is raised by golf tournaments throughout the year and an annual motorcycle Bud Run where all are welcome. You don't even need a motorcycle.

This year's Bud Run is set for May 20.

That's where you can meet this year's recipient, Kendra, a beautiful 3-year-old fighting the battle of her young life -- leukemia.

"She's just a bundle of joy, single mother, we're doing everything we can to provide for them and keep them going," Ramsey said.

Ramsey has no plans of slowing down, and if you want to make him smile, tell him that he and his crew are heroes.

"No, we're not heroes," he said. "Just everyday people trying to make a difference."