In Brevard County, the county's only living Medal of Honor recipient shared his story with college students today as part of Black History Month.

  • Medal of Honor recipient shares story with students
  • Took 4 years for Morris to receive Medal of Honor
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Retired Army Sergeant First Class Melvin Morris spoke to students at the Titusville campus of Eastern Florida State College Wednesday morning.

Morris, of Port St. John, is a Vietnam Veteran who was ambushed in the jungle in 1969.

An all-day attack ensued, with Morris being shot three times — but he still managed to save several wounded men and get them to safety.

It took 44 years for Morris to receive the Medal of Honor.

His message to the students today was simple.

“Stay focused, stay patriotic, love your country, love each other,” Morris said.

Morris was accompanied by Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey, whose wife Susan is an advisor at the college.