Tampa Electric talked to Dade City residents Thursday night about a major project coming to their neighborhood -- a 350-acre solar farm representing a $75 million investment in solar energy.

  • Plant would sit along Blanton Road
  • Dozen of residents attended meeting to voice concerns
  • Project could be completed by year's end

Dozens of residents attended the meeting to voice their concerns.

"If they do this out here, all of our property values are going to take a dive," said Pat Weaver.

Attendees also spoke out about health fears, as well as concerns about noise and the potential effect on area wildlife.

"It will destroy this property out here," said Weaver.

But at least some residents said they support the project. Kim Ergle said the land will be used for something, and he said he'd rather see solar panels than subdivisions.

"The community should support green agribusiness, absolutely," Engle said. "I'd much rather see that than 400 homes over there and the traffic congestion that the roads can't support."

The land is currently zoned for agricultural use. Tampa Electric will have to obtain a special permit for the project.

The company said if everything goes as planned, the solar farm could be completed by the end of the year.