A University of Central Florida student who had his access to guns revoked by police after making threats at two different schools can have them back, a judge ruled Monday.

Orlando police used Florida's new gun legislation to ban Christian Velasquez, 21, from owning guns or ammunition last month. City attorneys tried to get the ban extended to a year, but Circuit Judge Bob LeBlanc declined to do so.

The decision dissolves the temporary order.

Velasquez is not facing criminal charges.

UCF police began investigating Velasquezback in February after they got complaints that someone was posting shooting threats on social media. Police say Velasquez called Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock and Parkland school shooter Nikolaus Cruz as heroes.

Police said they brought Velasquez in for questioning, and he said if he was going to commit a mass shooting, he would do it at two former schools -- Odyssey Middle School and Lake Nona High School.

Velasquez lives with his parents, and under the temporary risk protection order, his father had to surrender a gun to authorities and allow them to search the home.

Velasquez's attorney said police abused their power and violated his constitutional rights. 

Police said Velasquez was the first person to lose gun access under the new protections signed into law by Gov. Scott in March.