Grown-ups in Central Florida can once again experience the thrill of signing up for camp.

  • SOLE Orlando offering fun classes for adults
  • Activities include chair dancing, self-defense
  • Those interested should visit

Kate Murray is the founder of SOLE Orlando, which stands for Society Of Life Exploration.

"I was so excited when I was a kid, picking out all of those classes I wanted to take," she said. "But as adults, we really don't have a chance to do that."

Murray held a launch party recently at Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park. The event had a line-up of mini-classes to demonstrate the kinds of activities that'd be a part of SOLE.

"I mean, the sky's the limit," she said.

Like, chair dancing.

Kat Oberholtzer is an instructor at Lotus Fitness Studio and also teaches through SOLE.

"It's a way to still teach people to get up and still move in any way you want to and any way you can, she said. "I think this program's going to be good to help you learn about all those things maybe you wanted to learn about, but you never really got the chance to."

Mindfulness, improv, project management, and consent were also among the samplings during the launch.

Here are some upcoming events:

• Valentine's Day Dirty Bingo (2/14 - date night after dinner)
• Intensive Chair Dance & Routine Creation Workshop (3/3)
• The 5 Faces of Oppression (the first in Social Justice Crash Course series - tent. 3/5)
• International Women's Day event (3/8)
• Adulting 101: Basic Car Care (3/10)
• An Evening with Anna Eskamani (3/11)
• Street Self-Defense (4/11)
• Comfort in Discomfort (Improv, Shame, and Sexuality) (TBA)
• Photo-to-Wood Transfer (TBA)
• Burlesque Act Creation course series (begins early April)
• Mindfulness in Everyday Life (TBA)

All those who are looking to learn, teach, and support are encouraged to check out the website at and email