Exquisite works of watercolor art are currently on display at Art Center Manatee. It's one of only a few places you can see the paintings in the entire country.

There's something for all tastes at the American Watercolor Society's Traveling Exhibit with 42 different paintings from seven different countries, each with a unique story of its own.

Executive Director Carla Nierman described one of the pieces in the exhibit done by Serge Hollerbach.

"Serge is a very accomplished artist, and he's 96 years old," Nierman said.

"He currently has mascular degeneration. So all he sees is black blobs," she added.

This is the 150th year this exhibit has gone on tour, stopping in just five cities across the country. Bradenton is the only stop in Florida.

"This year is a little different because it has a mix of everything. It's got abstract photo-realism. I think everyone's going to find something that they really enjoy," Nierman said.

Every painting in the exhibit is made with all water-based materials, an art that takes a lot of practice to master.

"That means there's just some transparent watercolor there's some gouache and even some acrylic in it," Nierman explained.

A total of 1,700 artists submitted their work to be a part of the tour. Nierman said they are the best of the best.

"Everybody seems to be liking different ones," she explained.

"My favorite part is seeing how our client base in our community is perceiving the show and what they take away themselves," she added.

If you want to come find out which piece speaks most to you, the exhibition will be in Bradenton until March 23. 

The center is asking for a small donation of $5 to enter the exhibit, which they say helps cover the cost of bringing it here each year.