Have you ever wondered what goes on underwater with the fish you're catching, or missing? Good news, we'll be dropping our cameras in various location around Tampa Bay as well as up and down the Gulf coast. From your favorite fishing pier to the various reefs in our waters, you'll be able to see what's happening down there.

Check back frequently for new additions to the BHSN Fish Cam and feel free to send us an e-mail if there's somewhere you'd like us to drop a camera so you can see what's down there!

South Skyway Pier:

We dropped the camera in several places along the pier to see what we could find down there. In this video you can see sheepshead, mangrove snapper, spanish mackerel, blue runners, jack crevalles and lots of bait fish.

Braden River Panfish:

We headed out into the Braden River from the Jiggs Landing ramp on Ward Lake looking to get some underwater shots of panfish for our 'Great Panfish Expedition' mini-series. After not finding any areas holding fish with good water clarity, we finally struck gold with a good congregation of bluegill, shellcracker and more that were not very spooked by the presence of a camera invading their space. You can see aggressive shellcrackers defending their beds, bluegills making their beds in the shallows and more!

North Skyway Channel:

While out fishing for mangrove snapper on the ledge of the bay side channel by the Sunshine Skyway bridge we dropped the GoPro down around 40 feet to see what was going on below the surface.