The Argus monitor is a monitor lizard found in northern regions of Australia and southern New Guinea. It is also commonly known as the yellow-spotted monitor. These reptiles are often seen basking near roadways or rapidly running across them, they have the habit of pausing frequently with their heads up to scan for food or potential danger.

Argus monitors are like velociraptors on all fours! They hunt for prey by keying in on movement, chasing it down and overpowering it. Insects, fish, frogs, snakes, birds and small mammals are all on the dinner menu of this indiscriminate predator. Captive Argus monitors can be easily persuaded to eat nonliving items such as strips of meat, dog food, eggs and other types of food.

These reptiles are husky lizards that can be a real challenge to physically handle. They don’t like being restrained and they're likely to dig their sharp claws into one’s flesh in their attempts to squirm free. It is advised to never let one wander freely on open ground because their ability to suddenly flee makes escape extremely likely.

They prefers to bask each morning and return to bask as needed to maintain optimal body temperature in the upper 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit. Nighttime temperatures may drop 20 degrees or more if the opportunity to warm up the next day exists. A sturdily built cage at least 4 feet long is the minimum requirement to properly house an adult of this species.

The particular Argus monitor that we got to watch being fed belonged to Andrew Biddle of Wild Transport, a company that specializes in rescuing and relocating dangerous, deadly animals. From lions and tigers to alligators and cobras, each cross-country transport proves adventurous with unique, risky challenges related to safely loading and delivering live cargo. Polar opposites otherwise, company leaders Rick and Andrew share a childlike enthusiasm for creatures big and small, taking advantage of any opportunity to get up close and personal with shipments.

They even had their own television program called 'Wild Transport' that aired on the A&E network for one season. Currently, Wild transport is involved with another television program call 'Animal Outtakes' that airs on Saturday and Sunday mornings on ABC.

Andrew and his wife also take a variety of animals to schools and other venues for show where they talk about conservation and education while making it entertaining at the same time for their audiences.

You can follow the wild adventures of Wild Transport as well as see all kinds of pictures and more of their work by visiting the Wild Transport Facebook page.

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