Captain Art 'Snooky Bear' Paiva is our go-to guy for fishing the south shore of Tampa Bay. He has put us on some big fish over the years and he's aways exciting to fish with! He's a fourth generation fisherman born to a small fishing community in Newport, Rhode Island but these days he calls the bay area home. His father taught him how to fish the waters, estuaries and rivers of Tampa Bay as a young boy. His knowledge and experience from fishing the local waters for over 30 years have enabled him to consistently produce catches of top quality fish for his clients.  

The nickname 'Snooky Bear' came from his local fishing peers because of his abilities to always outfish them and catch snook when there seemed to be none around. He definitely has the snook dialed in and knows where to find the big breeders. His clients are always smiling ear to ear when they step off his boat at the end of their charter because not only does Capt. Art put them on some nice fish but he also takes the time to educate them on how to find the fish and more.

He even has a 'no snook, no pay' policy, that just how good he is at what he does. If you're looking for a fun and exciting day of fishing, get on out and take advantage of his lifetime of knowledge and 30+ years experience of fishing Tampa Bay to see for yourself why he is so highly regarded by his repeat clientel and peers.

Snooky Bear Charters operates out of Ruskin which is just north of the Little Manatee River on the southeast side of Tampa Bay. He is also known to travel south to the world famous Boca Grande pass to put his clients on some huge tarpon and more!

Give him call today at (813) 645-2364 to reserve a date for your trip or visit the Snooky Bear Charters website to check availability, rates and more.

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