Recruiting Update: Richard Benjamin, Tampa Bay Tech WR

By Ryan Bass, Bright House Sports Network
Last Updated: Sunday, January 27, 2013, 2:59 PM EST

Ever since he was hired, new USF head coach Willie Taggart has been on a tear through the local scene, scooping any and all of the top talent left and luring them to the Bulls.

Tampa Bay Tech wide receiver and Louisville commit Richard Benjamin is his latest target, and he's pushing hard to get him to make the switch. Benjamin, a one-time UCF commit, seems pretty solid with the Cards.

"He's getting recruited heavily by USF, and they're going at him really hard," Titans head coach Jayson Roberts told BHSN. "But, I don't forsee him switching."

Benjamin committed to UCF in early July, but decided to re-open his recruitment after other schools came in to the picture. He committed to the Cardinals in December after a visit to campus.

The 6-foot-1 athlete finsihed with 718 yards rushing and 509 yards receiving this past season, to go along with 11 touchdowns (5 rush, 6 rec). He also had 4 interceptions.

Fripp's recruitment opens back up

DL Jevon Fripp was committed to Tennessee State, but they rescinded their offer in December, which upset both Fripp and Roberts.

"They took back the commitment after they accepted it," Roberts said. "They said they got commitments from some junior college guys at the position that they didn't think they were going to get originally."

The program accepted his commitment and just have a home visit the week before, but then decided to pull the offer right before the Christmas break.

"We couldn't start contacting people because of the dead period," Roberts said. "He took it hard and was really hurt by it. He definitely made up his mind that (Tennessee State) was where he wanted to be and wanted to play. He was blindsided."

Both Fripp and OG Dominique Parker are both on official visits to Miles College in Alabama, a Division II, SIAC school. Fripp will also visit Florida Tech soon.

Other TBT recruiting notes:

  • DL Tony Guerad is still solid with UCF, and intends to sign with the Knights Feb. 6.
  • 2014 RB Deon Thompson doesn't have an offer yet, but he's getting interest from all over the place. QB Tajee Fullwood is the only underclassmen to be offered, as he received a scholarship offer from UMASS.
  • WR/RB Jamaruz Thompkins will take an official visit to Bethune Cookman this weekend, and should commit.

Ryan Bass is a reporter for Bright House Sports Network. Find him on twitter, @Ry_Bass.

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