Erin Murray has been with Spectrum News Bay News 9 since November of 2016, but she started reporting in Tampa in 2019. She loves telling stories, but most importantly collecting elements that make for a strong story. She aims to get emotional video and sound, as well as, facts that give the viewer a better understanding of a story. She says you always remember the story that makes you feel something. 

Erin is a three time Emmy award winning journalist, along with being the Florida AP Award Winner for best general assignment reporter. She was on staff when News 13 won best station of the year by the Florida Associated Press. Erin has covered so many stories that it’s hard for her to choose which one is most meaningful. She’s covered Hurricane Michael which completely devastated the Panhandle, and Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. She also traveled to Puerto Rico to continue coverage two years after Hurricane Maria hit. In March of 2018, she covered Washington D.C.’s March for Our Lives where 800,000 people came out to protest after the Parkland Massacre. Students from all over the country were there, including Central Florida and Erin has no words for the emotion that day. 

Erin and her husband are proud dog parents. The couple met at West Virginia University and still play volleyball together. Erin is also an avid equestrian, and has ridden horses her entire life. Erin grew up in Virginia and spent six years of her childhood overseas in Germany. She fell in love with Florida for the beautiful coasts and the amount of news in the area, which also affects the rest of the country. 

While Erin is just getting to know the area, she loves the adventures it offers. One of her favorite places to grab a bite is Hellas Restaurant and Bakery. So far, she loves Gasparilla since it’s one of the only Tampa events she’s attended. And don’t ask about Florida Sports because she’s a D.C. fan through and through.