Extra On The Web

Jan. 20 Slideshare.net

Hundreds of professional slide shows to explain most anything available for free in this Linkedin company product.

Jan. 13 Wallethub.com

Compare the best credit card rates from thousands of banks around the country.

Jan. 6 Shinetext.com

Motivational website delivers encouraging and challenging messages via text or voice messages.

Dec. 30 Regifting explained

Dave Ramsey.com offers some helpful tips on the rules of regifting.  Regifting.com offers even more advice so you don’t embarrass yourself with friends or family.

Dec. 23 Santa Websites

A collection of Santa websites from Google, Northpole.com, Norad.org and Reindeer.com.

Dec. 16: Peanuts App

One of the most popular TV animated features is now an interactive free app.  Here the original voices over original cartoon drawings from Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Dec. 9 Elfyourself.com

1.6 billion people can’t be wrong keeping this hilarious website going strong. Create elves with your own photos and watch them dance away.

Dec. 2 Awwards.com

See the best websites from around the world and be inspired to create your own website.

Nov. 25 Letsmakeaplan.org

Great resource to help with financial planning put together by national CPA group

Nov. 18 Fairvote.org

A new way of proportional voting that is being used in several states to better represent "we the people."

Nov. 11 Everyday Health

Excellent source of information about what’s new in keeping us healthy.

Nov. 4 Real Clear Politics

Famous for the most accurate polling data on the internet.  Non-partisan site averages together major political polls to give voters a clearer view of what’s really happening this election cycle.