Extra On The Web

May 26 Sciencing.com

A great learning website for kids of all ages that will help avoid the dreaded "brain drain" during the summer months.

May 19 Chordify.net

Learn how to play your favorite songs with easy-to-read chord charts!

May 12 RunPee.com

Never miss a crucial scene in a movie again because of a bathroom break.  This app will let you know when you're good to go!

May 5  eBizMBA.com

Website rankings galore, designed to help businesses target their online advertising potential.

April 28 Mentalfloss.com

It’s called the encyclopedia of everything.  Lots of interesting articles on little known facts. Add some games, trivia, and brain-teasers and you have a place to burn up hours of time on your computer.

April 21 Pagestead.com

Very interesting blog about why web designs change so frequently and the secrets behind attracting and keeping viewers.

April 14 Quantamagazine.org

Voted one of the best science magazines in the world.  This site is essentially a web version of their hardcopy magazine. Amazing.

April 7 Language websites

We look at Duolingo.com and Babbel.com to see how they work.  We also explore the differences between free and paid language sites.

March 31 Vandio app

Who says an app can’t teach you to sing?  I call this a voice instructor on your phone, tablet, or computer. It real does work and listen to you voice to make it better.

March 24 Greatbigstory.com

This CNN owned site may be the wave of the future. Great stories told in 6 minute bites. Topics from all over the world with beautiful photography.

March 17 Sciencemag.org

All the great content of one of the best science magazines ever available on the web.

March 10 Eventbrite.com

You might call this an events calendar for your community.  You can check out what’s happening and even buy tickets here.

March 3 Skyview app

Point your phone or tablet up at the sky and the app identifies which stars or planets you are seeing.

Feb. 24 kizi.com

If your kids love video games here are hundreds of them that are free, safe and appropriate for children and even adults of all ages.

Feb. 17 Fabulous app

A collection of different website services all under the umbrella of Wikimedia, the publisher of Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia.

Feb. 10 wikimedia.org

A collection of different website services all under the umbrella of Wikimedia, the publisher of Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia.

Feb. 3 Townandcountrymag.com

A great historical listing of the top Super Bowl ads over the past 50 years.

Jan. 27 FastCompany.com

This site reports on the top trends in business as well as the latest business stories.  Great videos and creative use of audio.

Jan. 20 Slideshare.net

Hundreds of professional slide shows to explain most anything available for free in this Linkedin company product.

Jan. 13 Wallethub.com

Compare the best credit card rates from thousands of banks around the country.

Jan. 6 Shinetext.com

Motivational website delivers encouraging and challenging messages via text or voice messages.