FREEPORT, Bahamas — Numerous methods of sending supplies, aids and donations to the Hurricane Dorian-battered Bahamas are still coming in on planes and ships. And also on those ships are people nervously waiting to see what is left of their homes.

Many, including Spectrum News reporter Greg Angel and photographer Adam Lance, were onboard a Bahama Paradise Cruise Line ship on Friday and among them were volunteers and search and rescue professionals and doctors.

As soon as the ship arrived at Freeport, all of them hit the ground running, hoping to provide aid and relief as soon as possible as the death toll as climbed to 30.

However, also onboard were a number of Bahamians who were not at home at the time of the storm, and they are now eager to see loved ones, friends and what remains, if any, of their homes.

On the ship, they have been trying to find ways to keep themselves occupied but there is a lot of anxiety in this homecoming as some of them they do not even know they have a home to go to.

They have seen sparse communications from friends and family, and some of the videos and news articles that they have either watched or read, they are anticipating total devastation, but also know it will be some time before they actually see the scope of the damage.

Onboard are a number of resources loaded up from across the state of Florida. Food, water, medical supplies. Those are going to go to people in need, but for Bahamians, on board they are simply anxious to get home.

But they say no matter the destruction they face it is in their spirit to rebuild and forge forward. “

"So far, but so close. There's no brace, you know there's destruction. So we're going on how bad is destruction, how bad is it, is it as bad as we see (or is it worse) or is it worse? We believe it be to be worse because they cannot show areas, they have not been able to get into certain areas, we expect the worse," said Wayan Basdon as he was returning to Freeport.

Many of those speaking to Spectrum News say this is a critical point, getting resources and supplies and first responders on the round.

They believe there are far more people at risk far and more people in need … far more people we even know.

Our reporters are in the Bahamas giving updates:

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