TAMPA - An anti-mask protester disrupted Tuesday morning's Hillsborough School Board retreat.

What You Need To Know

  • Woman with sign disrupts Hillsborough School board retreat (watch video below)

  • Tuesday's meeting was to discuss performance of superintendent

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The board was meeting to discuss a Continuous Improvement Plan for Superintendent Addison Davis.

It was a public meeting in a small conference room, but it was mostly just board members and media in attendance.

A woman came into the room carrying a sign and yelling about the district's mask mandate.

She shouted “Stop the masks now” while physically circling the room.

Security guards escorted her out of the meeting.

As for the meeting, board members say they have identified six areas they’d like to see improvement from Davis.

A few of those are climate and culture, leadership style, the learning environment and community trust.

Board members say they’re hearing about concerns from principals and others in the schools and they want to see changes.

There is also talk of holding town hall meetings and forming citizen committees.

Davis said he still wants the job.

"I have the same excitement as I had day one here and I'm ready to go,” he said. “I'm an instructional leader so we haven't even gotten a chance to kinda get to that work, to addressing the 39 percent consistently low in schools."

He said that will be his focus, along with getting the district on firmer financial footing and opening channels of communication with principals and teachers.

Davis will receive an official evaluation from the school board in September.

The school board has called a special meeting Thursday to talk about the budget.

VIDEO: Watch the meeting interruption by protester