TAMPA, Fla. — Ever wanted to learn how to wood carve? Sure you have, and here's a way you can on the weekends!

The Florida School of Woodwork has been teaching the craft for more than a decade on Franklin Street in Tampa.

Their weekend classes will take you from beginning to end, creating pieces like a beer mug.

In all, it takes about four hours to go from a cube-shaped block of wood to a polished mug ready for some sipping.

The safety-conscious shop has a few rows of lathes in the their back workshop. In the front, there are all manner of wood chopping, sawing and piercing devices.

Pictures of handmade furniture line the walls. Wood sculptures greet customers at the door.

School director Kate Swann has been working in this medium for three decades. She says the shop becomes a welcome escape in this age of advanced technology and workplace cubicles.

"It's a brutal digital world out there, and in here time slows down," Swann told us.

But what about the beer mug I made, you ask? Well, it's made of cherry wood, and its patina will darken over time with use. 

To christen it, I filled the mug with a Hidden Springs Ale named "Not into Yoga." (Hey, don't judge! I had to make sure it worked before sending it to my dad for Father's Day!) 

To learn more about the Florida School of Woodworking and to watch Virginia craft her mug, watch the video above!