POLK COUNTY, Fla. — If you know something about Sheriff Grady Judd, you know he's got a way with words.

He once said during a news conference about a woman who had been arrested, “She may be too pretty to work, but she’s not too pretty to go to jail.”

But the words gracing the pages of author Ciana Stone’s romance novel bearing his name are a first, even for him.

The novel is titled "Grady Judd: Heartbreakers and Heroes." In it, Stone describes her Grady Judd as “the most skilled man in the world in the art of seduction.”

At one point in the novel one of "Judd's" love interests claims "she'd happily climb him like a tree."

When reading a few pages of the novel, Polk County's Grady Judd said, “That would probably cause all my leaves to fall off.”

To learn more about Stone's novel and Sheriff Judd's suggestions for a title to the sequel, watch the video above!