If you've waited 20 years to reunite with someone, where do you even begin?

What You Need To Know

The reunion in The Lady From Havana begins with green Jello -- and all things once rationed in Cuba.

It’s the story of many Cuban exiles in Florida.

The play explores the humor when cultures and family collide.

Two exiles have just arrived in 1980s Miami — a fussy mama and her former housekeeper.

But Mama is tough.

“She's always criticizing the daughter and she's always right.,” said Lily García, who portrays “Mama,” The Lady From Havana.

Daughter Marita has been in the country for 20 years, and she is trying be the cultural bridge, welcoming the duo into her home.

“And so my mother doesn't understand things like blue water in the toilet,” said Mary Gonzales, who portrays Marita.

And then there is Zoila — housekeeper no more, and looking for her future.

“So I am excited, and everything is just amazing to me,” said Lillian Almodóvar.

“The exile experience is very close to me. I am a Cuban exile,” said J.L. Rey, Director of The Lady From Havana.

J.L. Rey directs these women — recalling his own family’s escape in 1969.

“So what this mother and daughter have to do is learn how to meet each other and get to know each other again, and we get to laugh about it as they clash,” said Rey.

You can enjoy the Lady From Havana here at Stageworks Theatre through June 20.