ODESSA, Fla. -- You don't need to help people to be an everyday hero.

This week, Bill Murphy introduces you to a couple who has dedicated decades of their lives to helping animals instead

Almost 20 years ago, Andy Kline and his wife Brenda founded the non-profit Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary.

Before that, they were already rescuing dogs and cats but they were living in a condo.

Then came Buddy.

"We got Buddy, one little miniature pony, rescued out in Plant City somewhere," Andy Kline said. "Somebody didn't want him anymore, left him in a field just by himself and we took him in."

Now on five immaculate acres you'll find llamas, deer, rabbits, some very cool iguanas and lots more -- all thanks to Buddy.

They have about 350 animals with a monthly feeding and maintenance cost of about $12,000.

Most of the animals had been unwanted and were facing their last days.

"We take in a lot of animals for different reasons," Kline said. "People no longer want them, people can no longer care for them, or they're abused."

Some are also rejects from breeders.

But thanks to Andy and Brenda Kline, the animals are unwanted no more.