ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A unique adventure awaits on the crystal-clear waters of St. Petersburg.  

You'll be saddling up for a day that will take you out of your comfort zone at Cypress Breeze Farm. 

“We’ve seen spotted eagle rays, sharks, dolphins will even swim alongside us. By the end of the ride, people are usually telling me it’s the most amazing thing they’ve ever done," guide Leah Scott said. 

Working with horses her whole life, Scott is now an experienced guide at Cypress Breeze Farm. At the business, the guides take you on an adventure of a lifetime, journeying out on horseback into the waters of St. Petersburg. 

On hour-long tours, they take you through the sand bars and certain points of the tour you'll be emerged in up to 10 feet of water literally swimming with the horses. 

“That was definitely the best part, because you could actually feel the strength of the horse as it swam and hear them breathing. It was great," visitor Deborah Parents said. 

These gentle giants are not hard to fall for and it is certainly an experience you will want to try again. 

“When people first arrive they are apprehensive, because of the horses size, but once they get on and get to the know the horse they get more confident. By the end of the ride most people tell me it’s the most amazing thing they’ve ever done," Scott said.