CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. -- Adventure awaits in the clear spring waters of Crystal River, but each adventure with this local, family run paddle board shop is a bit on the unique side. 

Summer fun in Crystal River usually involves lots of swimming and splashing in their crystal clear waters, but on certain days you'll see something a little out of the ordinary. 

Aboard his pirate ship decorated paddle board you'll see Josh Henley sailing through the waters decked out in all his pirate attire.

He's one of the more unique tour guides you'll find out on the Crystal River waters, giving breathtaking tours of the springs. 

"I did this for Halloween one year, dressed up like a pirate, and everyone just loved it, and I have fun entertaining all the kids and just having a good time," Hensley said. 

Now several years later that Halloween costume has snowballed into Big Foot Paddle Board Tour and Rentals.

Josh even takes it a step further with his business. Every paddle board you'll see is hand crafted and designed by Josh himself with their signature big foot footprints on the vessels. 

On our tour, Spectrum News even got to take a spin in his new prototype -- his glass bottom kayaks. 

One of the popular sites they venture to on their tours is a site to behold. Only accessible by paddle board or kayak, we journeyed to the 3 Sisters Springs.  

"In the winter this area is completely blocked off for the hundred of manatees, but in the summer time it's the best spot to go to, to cool off," Josh said.  

And cool off we did! We dove into the natural springs which stay at a constant 72 degrees through out the year. 

The springs are home to plenty of nature as well and you'll see manatees, frogs, crabs, and plenty of fish! 

"You get out there, and it's just crystal clear water. We have so many people from all over that come here and say they've never seen water that clear, so it's a real treat for them," Josh said. 

So on your next visit to the pristine waters of crystal river, let Josh be your guide and take you on a journey to one of Florida's hidden gems.

Big Foot Paddle Boards is open seven days a week and you can reach them by phone or email to set up your rental or tour.