CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — This isn’t just your average fishing trip: Not only will you try to catch sharks, but you will also tag and release them to help researchers track their growth and travels.

1. Set out off the waters of Crystal River and into the Gulf of Mexico for a catch and release fishing experience where you are searching for some of the ocean's most dangerous and majestic creatures. 

2. Longtime fishing enthusiast and fishing charter owner, Capt. Ed McCormick takes guests out on the open water to search for and catch sharks, ranging in all types and sizes. This experience is catch and release and during the day trip you will also be tagging the sharks for research. 

3. The small tagging device left on the sharks gives researchers the ability to track their growth and journey across the ocean if they are caught again. 

4. McCormick mainly works out of the Crystal River area but has fished and traveled the world for many years. 

5. For more information, check out the captain’s website.