With Election Day nearing, the candidates in the presidential race continue to spend time in Florida.

Friday, GOP candidate Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Biden and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan are all in the state with both VP candidates holding events in Tampa.

Biden wooed the senior citizen vote in Sun City Center.

Ryan, meanwhile, appeared at an entrepreneur workshop at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

About 1,150 people - mostly retirees - enthusiastically greeted Biden, who hammered GOP nominee Mitt Romney on his remarks about women's issues during the recent presidential debate.

"They do not believe that women have the right to control their own bodies," Biden said. "The president and I are absolutely, positively committed that my daughter and the president's daughters have every single opportunity to control their lives as my son and grandsons. It was made very clear that (Romney and Ryan) do not share that view."

Ryan met with a group of officials at USF's Center for Entrepreneurship.

The vice presidential nominee expressed to the group the importance of small business and Florida's role in the marketplace.

"Entrepreneurship and small business is the critical component (of the economy) because that is where most of the jobs come from," Ryan said. "Especially in Florida. Florida competes internationally. We want to open up markets, open up trade. Make it easier for small businesses to get access to the capitol they need.''

After Ryan's visit in Tampa he will meet with Romney for another campaign stop in Daytona Beach later in the day.