Deputies said a tip led them to a marijuana grow operation inside an unoccupied house in Citrus Springs.

According to reports, the deputies searched the home in the 3200 block of W. Higgins Place and found that it was being used solely for the cultivation of marijuana.  The house contained no beds or furniture that would indicate someone was living there, deputies said.

Two bedrooms and a spare bathroom in the south side of the home had been turned into a hydroponic grow operation, deputies said. The bathroom walls had been removed so water could be pumped into the adjoining rooms.

The grow house also contained 24 plants that were approximately eight feel tall, deputies said.  The plants were in the final stage of growth, and each plant would have produced between 3 and 4 pounds of marijuana, officials said.

The approximate street value of the plants was estimated at $384,000.

Officials said the investigation is ongoing, and that evidence seized from the scene will result in an arrest.